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Originally Posted by TK-8252
So you're saying that the ends justify the means. I see. .
Yeah, pretty much.

Originally Posted by TK-8252
"In order to save our own asses, we must slaughter your country's innocent children."
Would not there have been civilian casualties if we had invaded Japan? Were there not casualties in the fire bombings? Those two cities were targeted for their ability to produce weapons and other things essential in war, not for their civilian population.

To put it plainly, we had two choices: Engage in a prolonged campaign that could've taken months, had tremednous casualties for both sides, drained billions of dollars, and allowed the Russians to gain a foothold in Japan. In addition, we would've ruined Japan's economy even more and displaced the lives of many civilians, in addition to the ones that would inevitably be killed in the fighting.

Or we could end the war with just as many or maybe less casualties in a fraction of the time without the other downsides.

And I will ask you again: the fire bombings claimed more lives than the atomic bombings. Were they justified?

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