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Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
So? That does not mean they would surrender. Look at Germany. They were all but defeated in the last months of the war, but refused to surrender.
Yeah uh, we didn't have to drop two atomic bombs on their civilians though to get them to surrender. But ANY targetting of non-combatants is a war crime. It's that simple.

Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
Given from what I've read about the war in the Pacific, you'll forgive me if I doubt the authenticity of some of those quotes.
Yes because I just made those up. Out of nothing. You caught me.

The sources are listed in this article:

I copied and pasted those quotes from Wikipedia. Sue me.

Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
Say what you what you will of it. After being interested in WWII for years, I am the opinion that it saved time, lives, and money.
It saved time, but certainly did NOT save lives and money. Japan was GOING TO SURRENDER ANYWAY. Just waiting for them to surrender from the internal and external pressures placed on Japan would have saved the most lives and money.

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