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Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
You are diverting away from the point. You said that we didn't have to use atomic bombs on Germany. I pointed that we didn't have to because we many long and miserable battles on the German's home soil.
Right and like I said, that's part of war. If you want to beat your enemy, sorry pal, gotta play by the rules. That's how we do things in the civilized world.

Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
The civilians are irrelevant. Hiroshima and Nagaski were important cities to Japan's war effort, so we got rid of them. The civilians were there, and died in the blast. If they all went on holiday to the North Pole, we still would've bombed the cities. The psychological impact did help, though.
Wow. The amount of sheer immorality and disregard for innocent life in this statement is truely overwhelming. That's all I can say in response to that.

Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
Anyone can edit Wikipedia whenver they want. I looked up the Franco-Prussian War, and it had been vandalized with the message 'i wanna go to france it sounds fun'.
This statement seems to not make the slightest bit of sense.

The quotes from Wikipedia have LINKS TO THE SOURCES! The sources of the quotes are provided right there on the Wikipedia article. See for yourself.

It is stupid to say that because a vandal wrote in one stupid line to an otherwise pristine and factual article, it renders the entire article - as well as Wikipedia itself - as not a legitimate source of information.

Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
That wasn't my point. I was saying that constant air strikes can't easily bring a country to its knees. Or they can and the country won't care. But the Japanese were extremely fanatical to their cause, and I doubt more bombings (that were not atomic ones), which had been going on for years, would have changed anything. Fanatics don't give up easily, and that's being proven right now.
Japan already was on its kees, and was already moving towards surrender. All the bombs did was - other than kill thousands of innocent people - speed up the process.

Stop trying to excuse terrorism and mass murder. I thought that most civilized people had learned that those things are bad.
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