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Originally Posted by TK-8252
Japan already was on its kees, and was already moving towards surrender. All the bombs did was - other than kill thousands of innocent people - speed up the process.
That's pure 20/20 hindsight though. Back in July 1945, the Japanese had proven they had no fear of death - the kamikaze attitude their military held proved that they would not back down so easily, especially considering how much of a hold their militaristic government had over the average Japanese citizen. It would've been likely, had Hirohito chosen to surrender without the leverage of the atomic explosions, the Japanes military leaders (as some had been planning at the time) would have commited a coup-de-tat and ursup his power. Piling that on top of the immense war weariness the Allies had, and the potential American soldiers and Japanese civilian deaths involved should Japan have decided to resist were nearly as large or larger than those killed in the atomic explosions. The atomic detonations, I believe, were the wisest solution at the time to show the Japanese we would win over them; whether in pressured diplomacy...or complete annihilation.

Just for one second, think about what it would be like if it was your country where the bombs were dropped.
That's the problem, however. You could apply that question to any aspect of war- "how would you feel if your town was carpet bombed?" "How would you feel if a motar shell burst open your home?" "How would you feel if a soldier had shot your civilian father in the midst of a urban battle?" Naturally, I would be greatly displeased and terrified should it happen to me, but while the most humanistic decision would be to not commit the acts...the world can at times not allow for peaceful solutions.

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