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Originally Posted by TK-8252
No it is not, judging by the quotes I posted from Wikipedia. The U.S. knew very well that Japan was very weak.
It was weak, but not neccessarily ready to surrender. Last Days of the War - "In June, the cabinet reassessed the war strategy, only to decide more firmly than ever on a fight to the last man. This was officially affirmed at a brief Imperial Council meeting, to which the Emperor listened in stone-faced silence." In the same article subdivision, it mentions how food was in dire supply for the Japanese people. Many more civilians on their part would have died had the war lingered on.

Now THAT we don't know if it would happen.
Same article-

"The physical recording was hidden and preserved overnight despite a full military assault and takeover of the Imperial Palace by die-hard army fanatics which was crushed on the Emperor's order."

True, the military assault was crushed...but there would have still been the possibility there were more fanatics waiting to attack.

Again, I don't see why it's either "all-out ground invasion" or "nuke them all to hell." You put them in a box, like we had Saddam in.
What other solutions did we have? We couldn't very well leave them alone, as there was still the presence of a militaristic culture embedded within their society. We couldn't blockade them and let their people starve, as that would have been far more a humanitarian crisis and crime than the atomic bombings. More diplomatic solutions for surrender should have been exercise, I agree, but there were many variables that could go wrong at the time.

Yes because terrorism and mass murder is a wise solution.
I wonder, though, what counts as terrorism and mass murder. Is mass murder simply many deaths spread over years, or a million deaths within a day? Is terrorism the meticulous removal of all hope and security in a country over dreadful years, or a massive humbling and horrific elimination of two cities within a day?

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