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Arkai and Morridin: The Exiles

Ok, this is a story continuation from an rp in the jedi knight forum called 'Remnant', which is about the surviving jedi of order 66 gathering together on a planet far from the Empire. Arkai is a former jedi master who left the order after learning that they intended to hide away until the galaxy began to rebel against Palpatine. Arkai saw that by doing this they would be further serving Palpatine's goal of destroying the jedi: for a jedi who won't act is just as good as a dead jedi. An apprentice at the new jedi temple, Morridin, agreed with Arkai's ideas and the two of them left the order to continue the work of the jedi wherever it is needed most, beginning on the criminal moon of Nar Shadaa...

The positions of Arkai and Morridin have already been taken, I'm going to be Arkai and Royal Guardian is Morridin. If you wish to join in please post your character profile as follows:

Name: Arkai Santarna
Gender: male
Species: Kel Dor
Age: 63
Occupation: pilot, former jedi master
Weapon(s): green single blade lightsaber (which is mostly kept hidden) and a very old blaster pistol he picked up on the trip to Nar Shadaa
Appearance: his face is obscured by the breath mask and goggles that all Kel Dor must wear when not on their homworld, he is of average height and usually wears a black pilot's suit with a red spiral pattern on the back
Short history: After losing his apprentice to Imperial stormtroopers and fleeing to the new jedi temple, Arkai has since left the jedi order shortly after being named to the jedi council. He has taken his new apprentice, Morridin, and the two of them have travelled to Nar Shadaa aboard a spice freighter in order to try and help those who live there.

The rp will start when we have a few more people.

"Good and evil are but points of view. Many would call me evil for the things I have done, but to myself and to my followers, I am the saviour of the galaxy. I have not shirked from my duty because it is unpleasant or because others will disapprove. I regret the deaths I have caused on this path, but they were necessary to prevent far greater evil. So, Jedi, who are you to say what I do is wrong?"

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