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One thing i always wondered was why they couldn't have dropped the bomb on some unpopulated bit of japan, rather than a city. I'd imagine it would still have made the same point.. and the japanese would still have realised that they had no chance against such firepower. Wouldn't they?

It'd be kind of like firing a warning shot and giving them a chance to surrender - before indescriminately hitting two cities and their civilian populations. Maybe it wouldn't have worked.. and then we'd have lost nothing.

Of course, all this is said with the benefit of hindsight.. and on the whole i think its unfair to second guess the decisions of people who were in a very different situation to us.
I'm not very keen on the carpet bombing carried out by Bomber Harris and the RAF, or holding that up as heroic... but on the other hand the UK was a tiny country, surrounded, outgunned, outnumbered and under daily attack. So i'm not going to condemn the actions of those who risked their lives to do what they felt needed to be done.

Kind of like Hamas really...

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