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Yes it is related to Heart of the Guardian and has references from Broken Wounds. Mostly time connections. Igyman: I will have to send my HK unit after you. I cannot stand grammar police. Just kidding. Yeah I know all about that and I fixed my master copy. Glad you liked the part about the kids 'dressing' HK. I wanted to do something to embarrass HK since that always seems to be funny with his appeasements to master.
Well that said and done I will post the next chapter. Yes I am mean but I couldn't think of what better way to get someone to do what they wanted without a bit of 'leaverage.'

Chapter 4
Kirabaros was facing the row of faces with a passive look that any warrior would give their last credits to have. He was kneeling in front of the faces, giving the proper bow. He remained kneeling much to the discomfort to all of the people there save for Caelos and Senator Amstar for his manner looked like that of a servant. He spoke with a gentle but firm voice, “I don’t expect you to understand Bastila but as a Bushida warrior, I have a duty to uphold our laws and honor.”

“You are a Jedi Knight too. What you said in there has put yourself, not to mention the Jedi Order in a precarious position. One that could destroy us in our fragile state.”

“Don’t you think I thought of that,” Kirabaros replied slightly tense but not moving from his bowed position. “There’s something else behind all this besides having me here.”

“Ya know, he’s right though I’m not sure if he’s being mental or not. Whoever asked those questions wanted information. Luckily he had a game going and I was winning that hand too,” Atton called from his corner.

Kirabaros gave a look that was amused but also told Atton to back off a bit. He confirmed it though, “There is something more at stake. When I was sitting there, I could feel an surge of anger…hatred.”

Jolee didn’t miss the look that passed on Kirabaros’ face. He recognized that look all to well. He said in his gruff manner with a hint of gentleness, “Well out with it sonny. We aren’t getting any younger here.”

Kirabaros replied, “I couldn’t weed out where it was coming from but it was there. That is why I said what I did and I’ll stand by it.”

“Your devotion is admirable but we have to look at the bigger picture…” Bastila began.

“Do not give me your false sympathies Bastila. You do not understand our ways and I don’t expect you to. Avalon will not give up Revan and there is nothing you can do about it.” Then with a polite bow, he stood and left the council chambers. He wandered down to the Room of a Thousand Fountains and sat to watch. His partner, Caelos was off with the new younglings learning and teaching so he was quite alone. He sat on one of the benches and closed his eyes, just listening.

The room was dark and a bright light overhead. Kirabaros found himself strapped down to a table of some sort. He felt a sense of annoyance and boredom as he stared straight ahead. He began to play the game of pazaak that he hadn’t finished with and began to jeer at Atton in his mind. He was in the middle of a round when he heard a voice saying, “Life is a game to isn’t it? Perhaps you would like to add some players? Ones that you care about?”

Kirabaros ignored the jab and said, “The river flows in one direction but needs a guide.”

Out of nowhere, there was a flash of light and a wave of intense pain. It burned liked fire throughout his body and left the familiar sensation of deadened nerves. He was aware of a loud screaming that permeated the air. There was a rather high-pitched laughter as a result of the screams. The pain stopped momentarily and he heard the same voice say, “Now, you will die.” Then another flash of light and the pain came back, only more so. It was as if all the hatred and anger in the galaxy were poured into the pain. It was so intense that Kirabaros gave a blood-curdling scream and all was dark…

“If sit there any longer, a tach would eat you,” a voice sounded in Kirabaros’ ear.

“Good. Then maybe I won’t have to listen to the Jedi Ice Queen anymore,” came the reply.

“Watch it sonny. You might lose more than that if she hears you,” Jolee replied.

Kirabaros said nothing except to stare at the fountain. Jolee had jolted him out of a vision he had and he could feel the same anger and hatred that he had felt within the Senate. It disturbed him but he sensed that Jolee wanted to talk about his behavior in the Council chambers. It didn’t matter because he would tell him anyway. After the pause, he said, “What is it this time Jolee? Have you come to berate me on my posture or how about the way I enter a room?” His voice was dripping with sarcasm, such that Jolee would be proud of.

Jolee merely grunted then replied, “Nothing wrong with that. At least to Bastila’s view with that rear end.” When he saw the look of disgust and surprise on Kirabaros’ face, he stopped and held up a hand. “Don’t say anything sonny. You know you’re a tough nut to crack and you need some humor in your life. Now are you going to explain to me why you did what you did or not?”

“Maybe, maybe not. The Old Man needs his daily dose of crankiness,” Kirabaros smirked at Jolee. After a chuckle, he began to explain that according to the laws of his home, if someone sought refuge, Avalon was under a code of honor to ensure their safety. “So you see, if they try to take by force, they will be met with resistance.”

“You know as well as I that Revan wouldn’t ask for asylum.” Jolee eyed Kirabaros with a knowing smile.

“Yes but if it is declared by anyone, it becomes in effect.” More quietly he said, “I sense that the Jedi will be brought into this whether I say anything or not. That hatred I felt was partially directed at Jedi in general.”

“Well we had to live through that before sonny. What makes this so different?”

“Well the fact that there are people who don’t trust the Jedi but also the fact that this seems personal.” Kirabaros paused a bit to glance around. “Besides, there is one way to get her here and I am loath to say it until I return and explain it.”

“You best better tell me sonny. You’re not the only one who cares about her.” Jolee had a no nonsense tone in his voice.

“Alright. Well…” and in a hushed whisper he explained a lot more than he should have.

Admiral Keegan was pacing like a madman in his apartments, wanting to cuss out everyone. He had a frustrating time in the Senate today and he wanted to take his anger out on anything. He actually wanted to hit the first person that walked in. The sound of a door opening alerted him and caused him to grab the nearest thing, a small marble ball. As soon as the footsteps entered the room he was in, he turned and threw it as hard as he could.

Count Draconis came in with the graceful gait of his people to speak with the Admiral when he was greeted by a marble ball flying at him. With a quick movement, he caught the ball in his right hand and held it up. He said, “I warned you not to let your hatred show.”

“You could have also told me what he was going to say!” Keegan was growing red in the face with anger.

“Now, now that would be telling wouldn’t it?” The count smiled a wicked smile as he put the marble ball down on a nearby table. He walked closer and past him to look out the window at the bustle of Coruscant. “Besides, I knew he would declare her sanctuary.”

“That doesn’t help with our plans though!” Keegan was still fuming. His face was a bright shade of red and it looked like he was running out of air.

The count refused to look at him but continued to stare out of the window. He spoke in the soothing tones of his people, “Temper, temper, Admiral. Let me explain.” He turned to face Keegan to finish, “True that we cannot force our way to get the rogue Jedi but what is also true is that she never asked for sanctuary. For him, that could be construed as treason, if the cards are played right. However, the only way to get your Jedi is to have her willingly return to Republic space.”

“Willingly?” Keegan asked.

“Of course. She has to come here by her own free will otherwise anyone trying to get her would be met with resistance. She is a Jedi after all.”

“What makes you so sure that she will?”

“She will return because she won’t let anyone close to her suffer at the hands of the Republic, especially someone bonded to her.” The count smiled a wicked grin and gazed intently at Keegan.

“Are you saying she is bonded with your Kirabaros? One of those Jedi bonds?”

“Can you think of any other reason?” Seeing that Keegan was perplexed the count explained, “Surely you remember the holo newscast of the ceremonies on Avalon? Do you recall seeing another admiral besides Dodonna?”

“Admiral Carth Onasi? The hero of the Republic Carth Onasi?” Keegan was starting to get a general picture.

“Yes,” the count was clearly annoyed by the hero worship. He had enough of the children’s idolization of Kirabaros back home. “Do you know what he was holding?”

The light went on in Keegan’s mind. “The baby? Is the baby his?”

“Yes and the Jedi is his wife.” The count was smiling an evil smile. His eyes were in narrow slits, black pools that seemed to drown out the images they viewed. “The kid is precious to Kirabaros as well as his own son.”

“This keeps getting better and better,” Keegan replied. “So what shall we do now with this new information?”

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