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ROFL, no it's a GPL project. There aren't any binary releases or source releases at this point. I've given some access to a few developers working on similar projects.

At this point MyGhoul is a much more Q3 friendly way of handling GLM meshes, since I've re-written Q3 tag queries and whatnot to work identically with GLM meshes. I've only recently looked at the JKA SDK and the interface with G2 through a bunch of poorly explained trap calls and void * variables makes me gag.

I had Raven's support in my unravelling of the format, so I owe them my gratitude, and a heavy dose of good will. I wouldn't like to see any harm brought to them, so I'm curious if people would purchase JKA and run the assets on the free engine, or if people think it would encourage rampant piracy.
I made a silly little program called Dragon, which is an animation tool for the GLA format, used in Jedi Outcast, Jedi Academy and Krakatoa.
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