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Name: Morridin
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Occupation: Weapons exper/co-pilot, former jedi apprentice
Homeworld: Courscant
Species: Human
Appearance: Tall, very tall, 7'4", athletic build, muscular. Red tinted hair cropped into a short, and spiked form. Gray eyes.
Rank: Padawan
Weapon(s): Dual blue bladed Arbiter lightsabers.
Brief History: Morridin grew up on Courscant with his best friend Jyrnus. They both entered the academy eager to learn. Moradin was seperated from Jyrnus when Jyrnus travelled to Bos Pity to help with the battle. Moradin was stuck on Courscant. During The Great Purge, Moradin's master was killed. After discovering the news, Moradin stole a Jedi Starfighter from the temple and escaped to Solace.

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