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Didn't work on Cuba?? They didn't get their Soviet missiles and they've never been able to harm the U.S. What hasn't worked against Cuba? They're still Communist? Pfft, why do we care?
You mightn't, but I'm pretty sure the Cuban populace would be happy if they were allowed to elect their leaders rather than being under the rule of an old cigar-smoking dictator.

Didn't work on Iraq?? They couldn't build WMD and they were a stupid little country that was harmless.
A stupid little harmless country led by a brutal dictator and his closest family.

The goal of the atomic bombs was to end the conflict. Not to create a Cuba or Iraq which was still hostile, anti-American, and/or a dictatorship, with a poverty-stricken populace, and with a military and government which had to be kept in check with military forces which could otherwise be set into action elsewhere or allowed to stand down and head home.

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