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Originally Posted by Darth Raum
In The Sith Lords trailer, there is one shot where the camera is circling the landing pad on M4-78. Just thought I'd throw that out there even though we all know that it was originally intended to be in the game but was cut due to time shortage. But it just shows that with another 2-3 months, we could've had a finished kotor game, M4-78 and all.

Upon watching the trailer in the game, it really isn't a point of reference for what was going to appear and what wasn't. It looks to have been made very early in production: characters like Mandalore don't have proper textures, there are a lot of K1 heads being used, as well as bodies and in one case a robe texture over a K2 robe (I was really surprised when I saw that one).

M4-78 was cut for time constraint reasons and for redundancy (as the story was similar to Peragus, apparently). If the planet were important to the plot of the game, it wouldn't have been cut. It would have been a nice addition, but they really didn't "cut" anything except the prospect of fully executing the concept of the planet.
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