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That is bizarre. Dagobahn, you're sounding exactly like the neocons who say that we should use military force to take down dictatorships and install free democracies.

You like the Iraq War?
Nope, not one bit of it. I'm not saying we invade Cuba or that we should've nuked Baghdad. I'm merely saying that blockades of stubborn nations fails to work more often than not.

They started the fight by attacking like cowards while we wern't looking.
You do realize they tried to declare war prior to attacking and that the declaration didn't make it to the US government in time only due to a bureucratic mess-up, right?

Its not ameicas fault that japan is such a small country and the war factories are in big cities.
I do support the atomic bombing, but that's just not right either.

No, the Japanese put their factories in cities. But it's the Americans who decided to drop a nuclear bomb on the cities, not the Americans.

Blaming the victim for what you do is a logical fallacy, if you ask me. If you do something, it's your responsibility, not the responsbility of the person or people you do it to.

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