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Whoof. Another ''Is TSL finished, or not?'' discussion.

OK, here it goes - you may, or may not agree, but the fact is that TSL is, storywise, an unfinished game. The HK-50 factory (the biggest reason for these discussions) is a major part of the plot and it isn't in the game. That's a fact. And it's made a lot of people agitated (including me). There are many other plotholes, some major, some minor (I'd have to replay the game to present a detailed list and quite frankly I don't want to do that) and some of them are responsible for certain bugs in the game (for example there's a dialogue option in the Rebuilt Enclave that, if selected, instantly ends the conversation and kills the three masters, no regular cutscene, Kreia appears there and you have to talk to her to get a cutscene and not the one that should have been played).
Like other people said, wheter a game is finished or not is determined by how well is the cut content hidden and the plotholes wrapped up. In TSL it has been done poorly, probably due to lack of time, but the reasons are not important right now, what's important is that because of that this game is unfinished.
Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed playing TSL, despite its drawbacks, but my point is that story-wise, it's not as fine tuned and wrapped up as the first part was.

@Emperor Devon: About that 'major' plothole from K1 you mentioned. I dunno, it wasn't explained in detail in the game, but it was explained to a point by that vision of Revan and Malak discovering the first Star Map. Maybe it wasn't explained completely, but it felt wrapped up, like the rest of the story.

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