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Yes. How dare they live in their homes right where we want to drop our nuclear bombs. Those crazy japanese people.
Quite widespread, that, civilians fooling around when their building, town, or vehicle is about to get hit by terrorists. Aren't they ever gonna learn?

When I heard about the Oklahoma Bombing, the first thing that struck me was "how could they be heartless enough to build a day-care centre in the building Timothy McVeigh was going to bomb?!". Or not.

Yes. Give the Japanese some warning so that they could get the cvilians out. I doubt it'd make a difference in the success of the mission (the Enola Gay flew above flak height, didn't she? And it's not like there were Japanese fighter planes to speak of, as both the Enola Gay and several observation planes could fly in unescorted).

Except, of course, killing civilians was part of the plan, as far as I understand it. Maximum shock-and-awe factor.

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This should help.

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