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Originally Posted by TK-8252
Mass murder is the unlawful killing of people in large numbers. Check.
Terrorism is the intentional killing of non-combatants for your own purposes. Check.
I would consider letting the people of Japan starve while we slowly kill off their friends and relatives in a protracted war more of a case of mass murder and terrorism than a quick and very large bomb to end everything. Nearly 200,000 lives in total were lost at Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and considering Japan's population at the time of 7 million...many many more would have died in a war. The acts of mass murder and terrorism are evil, but for the greater good...they might have been neccessary.

Wow, and I thought I could count on the liberals of this forum (the self-proclaimed "champions of human rights") to back me up on this.
Hey, at least I'm not a stereotypical "I <3 the earth, save the furs and war is bad!!!11" liberal. I happen to think.

You bomb, gee, a military target. Or a government target. Or just bomb their unpopulated areas to show them what we have the power to do to them IF they don't surrender. But bombing civilians amounts to terrorism and that's exactly what it was. Had the Nazis done it we'd have rounded up those responsible and hanged them as war criminals.
Well, we did bomb military targets: Nagasaki was a naval base, and Hiroshima was for I believe naval and logistics. About the terrorism and mass killings; the Allies had commited many terroristic attacks while in Europe: carpet bombings and such, only one step away from atomic bombs. If we would to have played completely clean, and subsequently lost(Germany would've taken over Britain fairly quickly, ect.) would that have been a better solution than to sin for the greater good?

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