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Originally Posted by TK-8252
Considering that they were already weak and going to surrender, boxing up their country and taking out their military bases surely would be the final straw for them.
*Laughs* That was a good one. We would box up their country and bomb it, but not actively invade it. The great war in the Pacific would have stopped dead in its tracks.

Yet again, the blitz in Britain proves how that would go. Japan would never surrender to that for who knows how long. Do you agreee that such a blockadge could take months or years to work?

Originally Posted by TK-8252
No need to slaughter innocents.
And I suppose that when bombs were dropped on their military bases, the civilians would be magically protected the blast? Civilians dying when you drop bombs on structures is inevitable. Or should we not have bombed their military bases and factories inside cities?

Originally Posted by Sabretooth
We will be great failures one day, you and I
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