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Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
*Laughs* That was a good one. We would box up their country and bomb it, but not actively invade it. The great war in the Pacific would have stopped dead in its tracks.
You're right, it is totally ridiculous.

I don't think that you realize that the technology at the time did not allow anyone to "save lives" while bombing. Bombs were simply too innacurate to specifically target factories. Since factories were inside or pretty close to cities, the loses would have been high anyway.

Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
Yet again, the blitz in Britain proves how that would go.
Except that both are two wildly different situations. Germany didn't have the ability to properly escort their bombers. The range of their Bf109 wasn't long enough and the Bf110 simply sucked. On the other hand, it would be possible for the Allies to lead a bombing campaign on Japan as proven by the treatment Germany got.

Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
And I suppose that when bombs were dropped on their military bases, the civilians would be magically protected the blast? Civilians dying when you drop bombs on structures is inevitable. Or should we not have bombed their military bases and factories inside cities?
Absolutely true. Most workers were civilians anyway. So when you drop bombs on factories, you drop them on civilians.

Originally Posted by Weed Master
i am with the sayin an eye for an eye.
So 2400 american soldiers is worth 200 000 japanese civilians...sure...

This is certainly not an easy debate. What I hate most is the idea that atomic bombs save lives, which is quite an oxymoron.
Did the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ultimately save lives? I think that yes. Japan's population was already starving and on its knees, but fanaticism still prevailed. Had there been a blockade, the people would simply starve instead of surrendering. Giving away humanitarian aid during a blockade is simply stupid. It kills its purpose like Devon said.
It opened a huge can of worms for sure. The Japanese are still scarred by it and we all know the arms race during the Cold War.

In the end, the victors decide what is a war crime and what isn't. The bombing of Tokyo killed 100 000 civilians, the one of Hamburg, 40 000. Nobody cares. That's how it goes... -A friend of mine and an aspiring filmmaker.
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