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Hello all. I have only been here for a few days but I would like to give some insight on some things here. just gotta think of how to say what i wanna say here.. could take awhile. lol. Guess ill throw in some suggestioins first i guess.

A comment on Lucasarts working jedi title: Even though its a Jedi like game doesnt mean its a sequal in any way to the jk series etc. they specifally said its a working title not in anyway realated to any past games they have done.

I'm thinking of how they would make it more realistic with jedi/sith combating it shouldnt just have an hp bar or offence bar. It should be a combination of somethings. Make it more rpg esc i say.
the force: the force should be the biggest thing of a jedi. the more atuned to the force a jedi is the better the jedi you know. better at battling,blocking,force powers. So lets say they have had a force bar in the past jk series games. the lower the bar the weaker the jedi gets.

Stamina: stamina should play a role when it comes to battling. stamina affects how acrobatic you are. being able to block better the higher the bar is and when its lower the chances you leave openings in your defence and chances you wont block because you are weak.

I think acrobatics should be allowed in games but not to far like in jedi outcast(running on walls, doing a back flip while running up the wall.) you didnt see things likethat in the movies. I think acrobatics should paly a role in the character you play. like yoda for instance he had 2 b a quick mover since he couldnt run well etc. you didnt see the humans being that acroabatic the whole time. Or have a fighitng style system. like how darth maul was etc. or both.

Force powers. I think the games have kind of overdid on force powers. so many things they had. you didnt c a jedi using force powers that much while they were battling. it was more of there lightsaber battles. force powers you saw in the movies were Push, Pull, Speed ,Jump,you saw obi wan blocking lightning and same with yoda, Lighting, Choke, persuasion, you didnt see heal at work in the movies. i would admit with jedi attuned to the force they can heal faster compared to other people. but healing shouldnt be instant. it takes time to heal wounds depending on how bad they are.

I am not suggesting a health bar at all. usually when a lightsaber strikes depending on where or same with a blaster whereever that hits some1 should depend on when you die. multiple hits to the legs ,arms shouldnt kill you at all. so im suggesting depending on where you get hit depends on when you die. maybe when it comes to repeated arm leg shots have a time limit dependign on how many times you get hit in the arms, legs etc to seek medical help. more hits the lower the time limit. dont take bacta within the time limit you die. But when it comes to healing hmm i guess you have to have a hp bar. But if you get hit in certain places you should die( headshots).

They should have weapons in the game for sure not just lightsabers. Usually how it is jedi with lightsabers should block shots in front of them about 100% of the time that is but behind them is another story.

The Force is strong with this one!
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