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Room of where you can contact for games

I am starting this because of the lack of people wanting to play on Irc. I dont c them hardly hosting anything just chatting the day away. I am hoping more people would want to play that check this site out daily than on irc. most people on irc prob dont even chech this site out. Of what we can do here is a place when some1 is hosting something or wants to play on the jk dedicated server we can contact people from here. we could also do mysteries of the sit hhere to. just simply if your hosting something post your ip and i guess how long your gonna wait if any1 will come. for the jk server just simply post that your gonna be there and i guess how long. I just wanna do this due to how irc is and to the fact that i want to play this game still.

for info on the jedi dedicated server check out . on maps you need and mods. please give your opinion on this and if you would want to play. i can play most of the morning and maybe some during the evening and night( on gmt central time zone). email is . msn messanger is . i do go on irc but i may stop due to the lack of players there and if this gets popular on this thread. (note on my email: make sure you have subject on star wars or some subject on this because i dont like spam and opening emails that i dont know what they are.)

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