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Ghost Agents (Take 2)

This is the RP if you want to join add a char sheet to the discussion thread Here and then jump in.
The moonlight shone down on the old abandoned industrial warehouse district on the northern coast of France, the night air was cold and dry from the resent winter snowfall in the area. There was an eerie silence all around the large empty buildings with virtually no sign of life.

A single small truck drove down the large area towards one of the warehouse building in the middle of the district. Its lights were off and almost couldn’t be seen if it was not for the reflective moonlight. The truck pulled out just outside the warehouse and it’s driver sounded the horn three times, four armed men came out of the building and met the driver. All five men walked out to the back of the truck and took out several wooden crates before taking them inside the building.

On top of the roof opposite the warehouse the truck had parked outside of a man dressed in dark clothing crouched behind a small wall. He was looking down at the men through a set of night vision binoculars watching them take the ominous crates into the building. The man was Agent Xi of the secretive Anti-terrorist group known simply as ‘The Organization’.

“This is definitely the place.” Agent Xi said

“Are you sure.” A voice said through a small earpiece in Xi’s ear. “It doesn’t look like a Laboratory.”

“What were you expecting, Jammer?” Xi rhetorically asked. “A massive sign?”

“Yeah, Secret chemical weapons lab here.” Christian, joked. “so how are you going to get in, security looks pretty tight, and that’s the only entrance.”

“There’s always a back door.” Xi said with a grin.
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