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Defiance II, Wardroom.

*Drago, Sellenna, Hal and Admiral Fargan are gathered around the wardroom table along with junior navy and army personnel.*

Drago: Now that we finally have the information from the Aesir we know that the Heloki landed in strength, and we know that two of their ships are unacounted for. From this we have to assume that a Heloki presence remains on the planet.

Since the Senate have vetoed my request to neutron bombard the planet we're going to have to go in. *The holoprojector lights up, showing a settlement of around ten thousand with a spaceport in the middle.* This is the main colony complex, we will begin by securing the spaceport. Its an opne field so we should see any tangos before they come within range. *An animation plays, showing eight assault shuttles landing in a regular octagon in the centre of the field.* Our first wave will go in and secure a perimiter with heavy weapons. Then out second wave will go in and bring in full prefab shelters and the mobile command post. *16 more shuttle land within the perimiter, acompanied by a heavy transport.*

Once we have secured a foward base we will begin working outwards into the city. Throughout the operation all personnel will wear NBC field gear. We don't know what kind of bacteria these cats are draggin along and I don't want to take any chances.


((If there's anything you want to know create a minor character to ask. I cannot garentee that strange characters will not be depicted as drug adicts.

Where's Deac btw?))

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