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((We're going to search the ship... Danni's going to find the bomb and we'll all gather... Riebe will observe that the bomb can't be deactivated due to how twisted into the wiring of the ship it is. Once we get to Coruscant, we'll all jump out and the autopilot, which someone will have already set, will take the shuttle up and away into space. After that, it's up to BKK.))

"Alright," Riebe said, addressing the other Jedi. "More than one of us has sensed something not quite right about this whole situation. We're going to search the ship. Report what you find."

The Jedi scattered to search the ship. Only a few moments later, Danni called, "Hey! I found something."

Riebe was there almost immediately and swore under her breath.

"Well, it's a bomb," Danni observed. "But I didn't think it'd be just cause for such emotions..."

"Oh, it is," Riebe answered. She ripped a piece of the internal paneling away. "Don't you see how intertwined that is with the wiring of the ship? We try to do anything with it, we set it off."

Danni paled and echoed Riebe's earlier sentiment. Riebe smiled slightly, amused.

"Glad to hear we agree," she said quietly.

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