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Okay, well now according to two (usually reliable sites that often post rumors), Digitalbits here (see the update for 8/24/06), there IS an "ultimate star wars boxed set" coming out sometime (presumably in 2007 in time for the 30th anniversary), and here are some details:

1) Modified Phantom Menace (presumably that means CG Yoda at the very least)
2) "Original Trilogy Modified once again"

They also HOPE that the "original cuts" are being released again, but I'm cynical.

Personally I have no interest in buying Episode I a second time, and making Yoda CG wouldn't improve the movie at all for me. I also wouldn't buy Episodes II or III again (especially if the extras discs were stripped out).

The trouble with Star Wars sets these days is that "limited edition" often means "new packaging" (take the 2005 set for example) and even "features removed."

"Special Editon" means more tweaks and changes, which can only further distract me from the original experience (not that Lucas doesn't have a right to milk it for all its worth like so many other franchises who double or triple dip their movies).

I just don't think it'll be worth the cash, unless you've never bought Star Wars on DVD before...

My collection is complete and I was planning to buy the Limited Edition 2006 set to show my appreciation for the release of the 1993 cuts at least (even if Lucas seems to have released them only grudgingly, and without any features, perhaps to prove some point to himself that the Special Editions are better... remember how previously he said over and over that they "don't exist for me anymore" and how people were mistaken to "fall in love with unfinished projects").

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