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Omega made a note never to visit North Africa again during the summer. It was a desert, and the soaring temperature with his cloak on didn't help. The only advantage of the cloak was that it was the same color of the sand, allowing him to camouflage easily. He had to clean the sand out of the sniper rifle to keep it functional, but the sand also camouflaged the rifle so he left some on. He had been there waiting for about two days and now he caught sight of his target.

It was a convoy of three vehicles, a limo in the center of two jeeps and the jeeps with turrets mounted on them. The road was practically radiating with heat. His orders were simple: Take out the convoy and leave no survivors. He activated his first charge and the jeep in front blew up onto a heap of metal. The two other vehicles stopped immediately. They began to backpedal, only for the second jeep to blow up into a heap of metal. Omega fired a single shot and took out one of the wheels of the limo to prevent it from driving away.

He then proceeded to hunt down all of those who thought they could escape.
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