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Originally Posted by ferris209
Everything I read says that Sir Alec Guinness always talked real badly of his Star Wars appearance, I really hate that. His rendition of Obi Wan, and Darth Vader, are my favorite Star Wars characters, it just sometimes kind of takes away from my overall satisfaction of the original Star Wars knowing Sir Alec Guinness hated it so. Anyone else feel the same?
Believe it or not, Lenord Nemoy hated to play Spock at one point. Eventually, he came around and loved the character. There are several science-fiction actors that have had problems being associated with a certain character. I don't believe they hated playing the character, but they hated to be know as the character.

I can guarantee you this: Not many people have seen (or could name) other Sir Alec Guiness movies, for they have allways associated him with Star Wars. I believe that was why he hated Star Wars. You cannot blame him for his cognitions.

I have watched conventions for non-sciencefiction related subjects, and almost everyone associated with Star Wars and Star Trek have been introduced as their character. "Ladies and gentlemen welcome Luke Skywalker". You scratch your head and say, "Hey, isn't this a fundraiser for cancer?"

I don't blame the actors for how they perceive their characters.

When I say, "I am a Harrison Ford fan", I am not saying, "I am a Han Solo fan". I can name a mess of movies & characters that I have enjoyed, which Harrison Ford has won my favor. I personally believe that Harrison Fords' best acting and character was not in Star Wars.

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