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Emperor Devon, Prime, and Redhawke have said all that I believe is true. There are countless of reasons why the 'cut content' would be removed. If there are any issues, I blame it on bad editing. I can see small tiny pieces that were accidently omited, but the majority of the 'cut content' was omited for other reasons. I don't believe time restraints was the sole reason, which M4-78 and the HK-Factory were omitted. One could make the argument that they were removed because they were not necessary. There are too many reasons.

What drove people to the 'cut content' conspiracy is because modders found the files. If there were no such thing as modders, the average gammer would not know of their existance. Remember, Obsidian wasn't going to say anything. Until a curiosity driven person looked into the files, they didn't have a reason to say anything. People are just upset because they want more game play, and they are mad at how TSL was edited badly.

98% of the game was not supposed to be a cliffhanger. If you played the game straight through, covered all the dialouge, you will notice that you should only have a few questions:

1. (LS) Where is the Exile going?
2. (DS) Did the Exile survive Malacore?
3. What happened to Revan?

I don't see how the HK Factory or M4-78 could have changed or added to the ending. Don't get me wrong, I will enjoy their addition to the game, but they are just a curiosity. I applaud both projects, and I look forward to their endgame. However, I don't take what they create as an impact on the final game outcome. The game was officially finished.

To be honest, I have to also agree with another statement. I think the gammer should have been forced to hear about your companions' futures. If we were forced to hear about our friends, I think people will understand that TSL was a completed game.

It is very sad that people believe TSL was an incomplete game. There is a difference between 'incomplete' and 'accidental edits'.

'Cut Content' = HK-Factory & M4-78 (Intentionally removed for unknown reasons.)

'Accidental Edits' = Small tidbits of dialouge and scenes throughout the remainder of the game, which were accidently omited or left behind. (These pieces would include: GoTo vrs. Tiny Droid, What happend to my companions when we hit Malacore, and accidentally leaving in dialouge information about the factory. That is about it.)

Everything else is extra.

R.I.P. to 'The Source' and 'MacCorp'

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