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give the npc_vehicle a key "count" and val "-1" (makes it respawn infinitely), then you must give it a targetname, then make a trigger_multiple (its invisible in the game, so you want to make an object of some kind to be your control panel or button) and target it to the targetname of your npc_vehicle, so the npc_vehicle has key "targetname" and val is a name you want to call the vehicle such as "vehicle_tauntaun_1" and then the trigger_multiple must have "target" and val "vehicle_tauntaun_1", and check the Use_button spawn flag checkbox to make it a button. Note that when you give the vehicle a targetname it no longer automatically spawns itself when the map starts, therefore you must press the button to spawn it. Oh, and give the trigger_multiple a "wait" of "5" (thats just the number I usually use, its how many seconds the button waits before spawning another vehicle, if you don't do this you'll spawn many many of them per second over top of each other and probably crash your computer if you hold the button down long enough)

"NPC_type", "tauntaun"
"count", "-1"
"targetname", "vehicle_tauntaun_1"

CHECK use_button
"wait", "5"
"target", "vehicle_tauntaun_1"
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