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Originally Posted by Darth Andrew

No suprise how the DS II will be destroyed by the Alliance, and I kinda remember IG-88 somehow trying to take over the Death Star. Could someone refresh my memory?
I could just send a link to Wookiepedia but I just happen to be in a storytelling mood.

IG-88 was an assassin droid created for the Empire and almost instigated a droid rebellion. The original IG-88 killed his creators and uploaded his violent consciousness into three other duplicates of himself, each called (in the order of their awakening) IG-88B, IG-88C and IG-88D. After killing all of the scientists in the facility he fled the Imperial Holowan Laboratories with his three "brothers" by hyjacking an Imperial transport and headed for Mechis 3.

Immediatly after landing on Mechis 3 he uploaded his consciousness into all of the droids of Mechis 3 (a planet which had only 30 humans on it and billions of droids) and made the planet his base of operations. He then set into motion a "droid rebellion" to kill all organic creators and take over the galaxy.

He sent droids from Mechis 3 to different planets around the galaxy, each droid obediant to IG-88A. He also sent his counter parts to different parts of the galaxy to lead the Imperials that were searching for him on different trails away from Mechis 3. They became bounty hunters and were commisioned by Vader to capture Han Solo but all 3 of them were destroyed by Boba Fett during the hunt.

Meanwhile IG-88A intercepted a convoy heading to Endor to deliver the computer core to the death star for installation. IG-88A uploaded his A.I. into a duplicate computer core and was trasported to Endor.

After the "computer core" was installed he became the death star. During the Battle of Endor he had planned to send an order to all of the droids around the galaxy that had origonally came from Mechis 3 and instigate his droid rebellion but he was destroyed mere seconds before he could send the order when the death star was destroyed.

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