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Originally Posted by McCusto
Grievous vs. Obi-Wan.

In the books we were led to think that Grievous was this monster war machine. The most feared general by jedi! Then Obi-Wan comes to Utapau, gets in a duel, and cuts off 2 of his hands, like they were nothing! Then the worst part is he died by a blaster. I mean, come on! A blaster? Laaaaaaaaaaaaame!
I must admit I too was surprised by the General's obvious lack of fighting skills in Episode 3. In the Clone Wars mini-series Grievous obliterated 5 Jedi on Hypori without hesitation or fear of being killed. The version of Grievous seen in the movie is totally different than the version in the books and Clone Wars series.

In the Books and Clone Wars series-
A powerful, skilled and obviously fearless warrior without any consideration for his own safety. He was agile in combat and used unorthodox athletic manuevers to defeat his enemies. He also respected the Jedi as warriors and prefered to get his hands dirty in a fight,
"Know that I, General Grievous, am not completly without mercy. I will grant you all a warriors' death. Prepare!" - This quote sums up the character in the Clone Wars series.

In Star Wars Episode 3-
A slimy, cowardly and unscrupulus braggart who relied on Guile and cunning to defeat his enemies and held his own safety as top priority (droid bodyguards constantly at his side). He only faught if he had unfair advantages (four lightsabers) and as soon as any battle started to turn against him he fled like a whipped dog. In hand to hand combat he could have easily crushed Obi-Wan's skull numerous times but instead toyed with him and did not respect him as a threat. When threatened he resorted to petty name-calling. "...Jedi Scum!"

I myself am a Grievous fan, but only of the version seen in the Clone Wars series and books.

"You will pay the price for your lack of vision!" - Palpatine

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