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Originally Posted by RedHawke
I was just about to ressurect this thread and ask what mods do you use stoffe, to go along with your house mod.
If you use the house mod, make sure you got the latest version since I've updated it a few times. Most of the other mods I've made are fairly character/taste specific and not very useful for others (possibly with exception of the half-finished loot/common enemy balancer mod), aside from the quick Wishing Well mod I made (adds a wishing well inside the Lipsand Tarn Ayleid ruin where you can gamble gold against random rewards (or nothing at all if unlucky)).

Originally Posted by RedHawke
I just emerged from the sewers... I love how the character creation process works in Oblivion.
Character creation is a game in itself; the only thing I don't like about it is that you can't save an appearance separate from your character and load later for use as base when creating new characters. That would have been useful since it takes ages to produce a face that's even remotely good-looking (at least to me).

Originally Posted by RedHawke
Played around with sneaking near that Shady Sam or whatever, the guy that sells lockpicks and potions outside the main city wall and raised my sneak to 75. I'm still level one as Sneak isn't one of my class skills though.
The skills system is pretty exploitable if you want to make a powerful character. My current character had to be one of the most skilled level 1 characters ever, before reaching level 2 75% of her non-major skills were at 100. The result of making most of the major skills into skills I rarely ever really use. Makes leveling nice, slow and controlled.

High sneak is nice for the extra sneak attack damage, that along with Athletics and Acrobatics are some of the skills I tend to focus on boosting as soon as possible. Acrobatics in particular for those rolls. I like characters in game who are athletic and can roll and jump around.

Originally Posted by RedHawke
I need some of those cool Kung-Fu Pants though. I will try to locate them first before I break down and start the construction set and place some near me.
You mean like these, or pants of this model? If the former they only exist in two places in the game as far as I know: Lying on the floor in the basement of the Bruma Fighter's Guild, and being worn by the "boss" necromancer at the bottom of the Vilverin Ayleid ruin (the one found just across the lake when you exit the prison sewers). I think Shady Sam wears a pair as well, but I'm not in the business of murdering merchants to steal their clothes. In particular since the Vilverin ones are so close at hand.

If it's the latter, you start out with those in the prison (I've just recolored them white and "unstained" them to fit the style of my character).

Originally Posted by RedHawke
I need something to fix my characters face as the stock textures make her skin look all pockmarked, but the way you can edit the face is quite good.
That's what the MD Natural Faces mod is essential for, makes the face textures a lot more high resolution and natural looking. Unfortunately I think the faces looked better with v0.7 of that mod, which don't seem to be available to download any more, but even v0.95 is a vast improvement from the standard look.


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