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Originally Posted by TheMonsterOfTheIsland
I totally agree. I mean, one lousy (ok i admit, pretty cool) ship really isn't the point of the expansion. It's going to improve so many elements of the game. There's the fact that the weakest point of EaW, ground battles, is being revamped with bigger, better maps and other such improvements. There's orbital bombardment, customizable bases, mirror matches, and a WHOLE NEW FACTION for Pete's sake!

However, the thing that excites me about the expansion is that they LISTENED to the community. They could have just slapped STAR WARS on it and have it sell well, but everything that was wrong with the original game is being addressed- that's no accident.

Kuddos to Petroglyph.

And as for the Eclipse? Like i said before, just XML your worries away.

Myself, I'm giving the Eclipse to the Empire, where it belongs.

I mean, i can see where balace would dictate it, but just randomly giving the eclipse to the Zann Consortium is kinda random. I look forward to the story of how on earth they got their slimy hands on that ship!

And one other thing. How on earth did the Clone Wars not resonate with "a lot of people?" Who on earth are those people? I mean, I love the game, but at some point you really gotta do a clone wars expansion. I mean, you saw the Clone Wars animated series, right? Better than the entire prequel trilogy if you ask me.

Really, the clone wars makes so much more sense for this sort of game because the two sides, while being totally different, were still more or less matched as far as resources, fleets, troops, and planets were concerend.

It was an actual war instead of an insurection, and would have been more appropriate.

Wow, i am ranting, and I do apologize. I'll stop now. lol

Petro, keep up the good work!
agreed, and maybe they'll make a clone wars ex pack or something like Republic At War.

ex-UEAW Mod Team Mapper.

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