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Marcus Webbe, alias 'Delta', stood with his back against the wall, his weapon drawn and held ready, his head turned towards the door, the better to hear what was going on inside the small room to his right.

The Organization had put him on this case three weeks ago. It was supposed to have been an easy job. A member of the Iraqi parliament had deserted the new provisional government, and it was suspected that he was on his way to Al-Qaeda with important government information that could not fall into the hands of terrorists. The Organization had immidiately dispatched Webbe to deal with the traitor.

But the mission had become... complicated. The traitor himself had been eliminated, but he had managed to pass on the information he had to a man known to be allied with a radical group calling themselves 'The Circle', who seemed intent on destroying the democratic presence in the Middle East. Webbe had been chasing the Circle agent for two weeks now. Two weeks longer than this mission was supposed to last...

He heard movement coming from the room, and rasied his gun. The door opened, and an large man armed with two handguns and an assault rifle steeped through the door.

Marcus pumped a bullet into the first man's head, then kicked out as a second stepped through, his weapon flying out of his hands. Marcus took aim, and shot him twice in the chest.

By now, the other men in the room had run back into it - most likely heading for a second exit. He turned into the room and saw four more men - two of them as heavily armed as the two he had already killed, heading for a door on the far end of the room. He shot twice, taking one of the unarmed men in the back. The other three escaped out the door, Webbe in hot pursuit. He checked the body lying in the room as he passed - it was the Circle agent that the information had been sold to.

The Politician himeself had escaped.

He bolted through the door, shooting three more times, taking down one of the guards. The other turned around and let loose with his assault rifle, forcing Marcus to jump back into the building as the bullets shot past the door. Once the firing stopped, he turned outside again, his gun aimed and ready.

They were gone. Cursing under his breath, he boltled across the desert, loading a new clip into his weapon as he went. He couldn't let them escape.

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