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Originally Posted by toms

For single player i'd also prefer if they went to something more non-linear, with more depth, more customisability and more "weight" to it. JK meets Deus Ex if you will.

And less acrobatics and flipkicks can only be a good thing. After all, everyone know knows that the matrix sucked and thankfully all the matrix sigs are long gone..

For MP: Some form of stamina bar would be nice.. a MotS meets Battlefield setup with more "realism" to it. Stamina bars that reduce when you do too much jumping.. accuracy crosshairs that reduce when you run or jump, but improve when you raise your weapon or crouch. All that jazz..

I still thinkthat instead of a health bar they should have a "halo style" blocking bar.. that reduces as you make blocks and increases when you rest.
Block > Quick attack. Quick attack > Heavy attack. Heavy attack > Block.
Any successful hit reduces their block bar. When its depleted then one or two hits kills.

I am sorry toms, but I have to still disagree with you strongly on acrobatics downsizing.

Your ideas on reducing the acrobatics will ruin the up coming jedi game combat system.

Reducing the acrobatics will make other players who have enjoyed playing Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy feel like they have been made handicap in their optional tactics in wining a lightsaber combat sitiuation that they have previous had.

If you don't like or have no good skill in wall runing, backfliping off the wall or flipskicks like they had in EP III:ROTS then don't use it, that's why the developers of JO & JKA had as a on/off option with selection Force power level in mutiplayer options.

When the Lucasarts had downsize abilities and cut options in the game Episode III: Revenge of the Sith they ruin the game for Jedi Outcast and Jedi Knight players.

The abilities they had change and options they had cut was previous options and abilities that was in JO and JKA that is why that game won't so popular as
Jedi Outcast and Jedi Knight Academy.

The Options LA cut and abilities they had taken out include:
  1. Mutiplayer that was in JO & JKA
  2. The ability to have the freedom to force jump like in JO & JA
  3. The option of manual blocking like was present in JO & JKA
  4. The ability to throw opponents into pits or off ledges.
  5. The ability to knock the lightsaber out your opponent hand.
  6. The option of lightsaber colors or the ability to choose two lightsabers or the saberstaff.
  7. Online capability!
  8. Customisable player character option!
  9. Acrobatics like wall runing and backflip off the wall and also the option that LA had in JKA the the ability to grap wall and jump up or down it.

So do you understand what have happen to the sucess of Ep III when LA downsize abilities and completely cut previous options that other jedi theme games like Jedi Outcast and Jedi Knight Academy have had that made those games so popular.

Also believe they should'nt have no health bar ever again for future next-gan games.

It should be more realisted then that.

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