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Someone's Worse Nightmare
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On top of the only active ware house in the abandoned district on the french coast stood a lone guard wearing a light blue uniform of no obvious army. He smoked a cigurette to keep him warm from the freezeing winter air and carried an old AK-47 under his arm. Leaning on the wall on the edge of the buildings roof, the guard looked out over the north sea.

The sound of some stones hitting the floor came from behind him, if it wasn't so quiet it normally wouldn't have been heardd. The guard turned around to see if anything was there but after a few seconds he didn't notice anything and looked back over the edge of the building. Nothing happened for a few seconds but then another noise of a light step came from right behind him. The Guard looked over his shoulder and saw Agent Xi standing right behind him.

"Bonjour, mon amis." Xi said a split second before reachind out with both hands and grabbing his chin and fore head from behind. A quick movement of his hands and the head twisted and neck broke, Xi carefully and quietly laid the dead body on the floor and stood back up.

"I'm on the roof, now how do i get in?" Xi asked holding his finger up against the earpeice.

"There's an access into the ventalation system up there, just find the grate and drop into the air-ducts."

A grate from the ventalation system dropped onto the floor in a small dark chemical store room. Agent Xi dropped down into and walked strait to the door and looked out the small window in it.

In the adjacent room was a white walled laboritory with several scientists wearing labcoats and working. Xi smiled looking into the room and took out his mobile phone and held the camera lense up against the window. He zoomed in on the experiments the scientists were doing and waited for a response.

"New orders Peter, You need to bring in a sample of that compound they're testing. Looks like you're going to clear the room first." Christian informed.

"Well i can't go out and shoot, it's too risky." Xi said looking around the room, he noticed a small red boxs on the wall and smiled.

"Fire Alarm..."
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