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Dominik walked calmly down the familier streets. He was in Moscow, the city he had been raised in a long time ago. Then, Moscow was the Soviet Capital first under Konstantin Chernenko and later under Mikhail Gorbachev. He remembered the times of perestroika and glasnost, and he vividly remembered the chaos of the collapse.

However, now was not the time for hindsight. Now was the time to continue following his target. It wasn't too hard to lose the man as he had already done a brush-pass to attach a GPS locater on him which enabled Amanda to track him. "We're almost there, Kappa. The 16th is in place and ready on your mark," Amanda stated over the communicator.

To acknowledge Amanda, Dominik tapped a small button that was hooked to his own communicator that transmitted a single beep. Ahead, the man turned down an alleyway. However, Dominik was ready for it. With a barely perceptible nod, two men having a smoke nearby just ahead of the alleyway stubbed out their cigarettes on the ground and turned to walk towards the next alleyway. Meanwhile, Dominik stopped at the corner of the alleyway and watched the man go down the alleyway. To prevent the man from getting spooked, Dominik just simply watched him out of the corner of his eye to see which direction he turned.

If he turned left, the man had been spooked and was bolting the mission. If he turned right, then things were about to get interesting. However, the man stopped as he checked his watch. The man then started to look around to check the alley. Dominik, however was ready for this eventuality and had already leaned against a corner looking away from the alley. Pulling out a newspaper, Dominik pretended to read the paper. Meanwhile, he tapped the hidden button in his glove three times. "Roger, Kappa. I'll let you know when he moves," Amanda stated as she knew what the code meant.

As Dominik read the paper, he had to fight the urge to turn and look down the alley. It was imperative that he didn't spook the man or this whole mission would be a bust. After a couple of minutes, Amanda suddenly said, "Kappa, he's on the move. I need an eyeball."

Carefully turning to look down the alleyway, Kappa was just on time to see the man turn right at the end of the alley. Folding up the paper and putting it under his arm, Kappa then turned to go down the alley. "Units of the 16th, this is Kappa. We are a go. I repeat, we are a go," Kappa stated quietly in Russian over the comminicator. Reaching inside his spidersilk lined coat, Kappa pulled out his P250 and attached the silencer.

Now, he had to get to his weapon drop point at the rendezvous point near the target area. Reaching the end of the alleyway, Kappa carefully looked to his right just as the two men Kappa signaled earlier appeared from the left with their own pistols drawn. Nodding at Kappa to take point, Kappa watched as the man he had been following ducked into a building. "He's inside the target, Kappa. Get to the rendezvous and get ready," Amanda stated.

Heading towards the building, Kappa and the two men turned into a building next to the target building. Inside, they were greeted by several men in black outfits with rifles pointed at them. Recognizing Kappa and the two men, the men put down their rifles. "Sir, your equipment is ready, sir," the first man stated to Kappa. Nodding in agreement, Dominik patted the man on the shoulder as he went to the military crate. Opening it, Dominik took off his coat to reveal a similar black outfit the other men were wearing, minus the pants tucked into his boots.

Inside the crate was his OICW. Quickly assembling the rifle portion, Dominik attached a folding stock and a dot sight to the rifle portion instead of the 20mm grenade launcher. They were about to storm a building, and Kappa needed a smaller weapon for this operation. He would've prefered a simple MP5, but the OICW would do just fine in this configuration. Shouldering the rifle and putting extra ammunition into several pockets, Kappa then removed the silencer from the pistol and holstered the pistol by his side.

Standing up to look a the men, the other two men that had been with him in the alley were just finishing getting into their gear. Putting on a black spidersilk lined hood and some goggles, Dominik was almost ready. Pointing to the squad leader, Dominik signaled that he was ready to have his gear checked. "An American rifle, hmm, getting soft on us now, are you Kappa?" the man commented as he went over Dominik's gear.

"It's just a versatile weapon. Whenever Kalashnikov decides to make a rifle as versatile as this one, I'll make the switch," Dominik replied with a smile.

"And a Swiss sidearm. I think you are getting a bit soft on us," the man joked as the other men in the squad let out a bit of nervous laughter.

"I'll make you a deal, Sotnik. When we're done here, we'll make a trip down to the firing range, and you'll see why I choose my weapons," Dominik challenged.

"Its a done deal, my old comrade. We'll head out on your signal," the man stated as he patted Dominik on the shoulder to indicate that his gear checked out.

Over the communicator, Amanda then stated, "The UAV's are showing several vehicles stopping in front of the target with a number of people heading inside. Its now or never, Kappa."

Tapping the button once in acknowledgement, Kappa then brought the squad together to go over the assault plan.

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