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Ep3 was a totally different style of game to JK/JO. It had different requirements.

I don't subscribe to the view that simply continuing to add more and more eye candy and extras is the way to make a good game. Its the core gameplay that is important.. and if you add too much peripheral junk then it can all just become a mess.

I'd happily settle for them taking out flipkicks and wallrunning if it led to a batter combat system. I'd prefer they took out the pointless "make your own character" and worthless "pick your saber hilt" and bothered making a decent story. Making 5 differnet saber styles with 3 different saber types sounds great on paper when you are trying to tick bullet points.. but it doesn't allow them to concentrate on ONE decent combat system.. instead you get 5 average ones.

they put so much effort into letting you make your own character in JA.. but then they had to keep jumping through hoops in the dialoge and plot because they didn't know what your character was like.

Taking things out of the game in no way unfairly penalises existing players.. and even if it did, so what. Its a new game. It would surely be more interesting to have a new game to play, rather than just the same game again.. otherwise they could just keep releasing JO every 2 years with a new graphics engine.

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