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Yes I agree with you Kurgan. They shouldnt take out Guns from this series. Ctf would be real boring without guns and definately other modes as well.Guns adds so much more for multiplayer but I admit guns in story mode you dont really need to use unless you have to. Maybe what they can do for a story mode is switch in and out with a trooper and a jedi. So then gunplay is more of a factor than just for multiplayer. I was just suggesting for acrobatics if they wanna make it more like the movies. just to suggest taking out some of the unreal like moves. but if they keep them i dont mind i actually like the acrobatics but wall climbing only helps in certain situations I would think its not required everytime you have a match. maybe even add alittle more stuff. Like during the palpatine vs mace and the other jedi how he started off. but maybe only add that to a certain style of battling.

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