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Christmas Time at WR!

WOO! RPG Where it's Christmas at WR, and everyone hangs out and stuff. Rules much?

1. Original Characters are welcome, but no crazy names or overpowering egos welcome.
2. Try to stay true to your character, but if your too OOC, you'll get killed off.
3. Only control YOUR character. You can claim more than one though.

Let's start. I'll be.... Natasha(Oh NO! She's back!)

The snow has fallen over the great gate of Whispering Rock psychic summer camp as a student shuffled through the gates. Her brown hair was pulled back and a beret covered her head. She wore a long red coat and a black turtleneck. Her boots covered her feet as she trecked through the parking lot. IT WAS CHRISTMASTIME!!! And NAtasha Nein was back at camp.

"Holy guacamoly!" She yelled as she reached the main lodge. "The snow is all like WHA!!!" She took off her coat, but kept the scarf. A bag of presents she'd left over the summer stood in the corner. The lodge was empty except her, some tables, and a box of Christmas decorations. Her dad, Sasha(for those who remember, he adopted her.), sent her early to get ready.

She picked up the box of decorations and began tossing tinsle all over. "I can't wait to see Quentin." She said to herself. "I can finally tell him that his scarf is relevant to the season!"
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