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Defiance II, wardroom

Drago: their claws are very sharp but they aren't laser scalples. You'll each be issued with personal particle shields, the kind Black Ops use. That should provide a reasonable amount of protection. Additionally, our perimiter will be a sheild-wall, rather than conventional barricades. Because of this we only have an operational window of 28 hours, after that we'll start to lose the shield units to malfunction, they're not meant to be on that long, after all. Hopefully we'll be in, out, and away before that becomes a problem.

Any more questions on the plan? If not we'll move onto specific assignments.

Jedi Temple, Taklin Flax' quarters.

*Flax has finished packing his pack, laying it on the bead he moves to an iron-bound oak chest. Turning a manual key in the old lock he opens the chest and withdraws a box. Opening the box he withdraws an old-fashioned lightsabre, stuffing it into his pack he hefts the heavy bag onto his back and heads to the hanger.*

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