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(Le Pyro? I'm gonna do Pyro, because she's cool. If no-one wants Raz, I'll do him too. Hopefully everyone knows Pyro)

Pyro slid through the gates of Whispering Rock, her long hair flowing out behind her. It was currently gold and silver, to celebrate the season, with many tiny curls instead of it being straight. She slowly crept up to the Main lodge, occasionally using her namesake power to keep her warm.

She knew she shouldn't have worn a t-shirt out in the snow, but that was a mistake she would have to deal with. Her infinite space backpack had no jerseys in it, so she couldn't help herself that way. Today her torso had a different attire, however. She was wearing black jeans and large black boots with a small silver chain around the top.

She silently slipped into the Main Lodge, to see a girl hanging tinsel up everywhere.
"Hi," Pyro mumbled, before setting down her backpack and taking out a set of fairy lights and proceeding to decorate the Main Lodge with the other girl.

(Darth, should they know each other? I'll let you decide that)

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