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Guns are essential for a JK style game imho. However that doesn't mean they need to keep the same guns or even the same type of guns that they had in the previous games.
In JK the guns, force and saber were all reasonably balanced and fun. In JO they boosted the saber.. and seemingly forgot about the guns entirely. In the singleplayer at least they were really boring and old fashioned.

FPS games have moved on from the Doom template where there was always a pistol, a shotcun, a rocket launcher, a grenade launcher and a BFG. These days people are used to Halo or Battlefield type games where you have less guns, but you get to choose you loadouts and they are better simulated.
I guess they tried something like this with the mission loadouts in JA.. but with those generic, soulless weapons it really didn't matter. Those weapons always felt too sci-fi, too star trek.. not realistic like the ones in SW.

Most of the original SW trilogy guns were actually modified real world guns, so they had a weight and reality about them.. this never really transfered across to the "glowing ball bouncing round corners" guns or the "star trek disruptors".

The Stormtrooper rifle, for example, could be innacurate when fired from the hip and running, but raise it and look through the sights and suddenly you have a more accurate weapon. (though you obviously then couldn't run).

Give the player a basic loadout of Lightsaber, Force Powers, Pistol (unlimited ammo) and a secondary weapon that could be swapped out halo style.
Make the multiplayer loadouts more like class based games.

Make the level design like JK. But with gameplay that was a bit slower, more tactical and more in depth.

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