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Unit-001 fired and ducked as a torrent of fire came his way, the bullets stopped by the sand mound in front of him. Things had gone smoothly at first. He had hunted down the last man when another convoy had arrived at the ambush site. There had been no mention of that in the intelligence report. There they found a survivor that had hid in the trunk of the vehicle. The survivor told them about the attack and then they killed him for some reason.

His orders were also to leave no witnesses. They were witnesses. He decided to try and pick them off at first as they left the scene, but that didnít go so well. As a result, he had been in the cycle of attack and retaliation for the past hour as they continued to advance towards their destination. Once they reached it, he would be unable to stop them from getting the message across.

The original convoy of four jeeps was now reduced to two and he had two clips left for his sniper rifle, which meant that he had eight shots left. The SRS99C-S2 AM Sniper Rifle was an American military prototype version of the South African NTW-20 anti-material rifle. The difference was that the NTW-20 is a bolt-action weapon that feeds from a three-round side-mounted detachable box magazine. The SRS99C-S2 is not a bolt action weapon and is clip fed. The SRS99C-S2 is also lighter weight and semi-automatic.

There were about twelve men left in the convoy. They all knew where he was and they had already tried to flush him out a few times as they continued onward, with no success. He immediately dashed to another mound as another wave of fire came upon the mound he was previously at.

He jumped up and fired a shot, blowing a manís head off. He immediately ducked as another wave off fire came on his position. They defiantly were not the best trained soldiers if he had already gotten this far. He was now ahead of them and they were reluctantly coming towards him. As the fire rained down, he fished a small 4x4 cube with an antenna out of his pocket. He threw it out onto the road and sprinted to another mound. He hoped that he would be out of the blast radius. A 4x4 cube of C-12 Shaped-charge was enough to level a five story building.

When the jeeps passed over the area, he jumped up again and fired two shots in rapid succession, disabling both jeeps. He ducked, got out a detonator, and pushed the button. An explosion rocked the ground for a moment, and then stopped. He looked over his mound and saw a crater where the two jeeps once were, along with some smoldering corpses along the edge.

He scouted the area for any survivors and then went to work concealing the evidence. Though he could not conceal all the wreckage and the crater, he hid as much evidence as possible. When he searched the briefcases of those that were in the Limo, he found his main objective. A vile of green liquid. So many lives over a vile of green goo, Unit-001 thought to himself. Even though he was aware what a vile of that 'green goo' could do, it still bothered him that the men he just killed could have had sons and daughters who were now fatherless. All because of a vile of green goo that a bunch of mad scientists thought of. Unit-001 had survived many things, but for what purpose? Why did he want to live? Instinct? Some genetic law?

So those children back home don't become like you, Unit-001. Now back to the mission, Unit-001's thoughts said, snapping himself back to reality. He went to his previous location, got his pack, and then set off towards his temporary HQ. He still had one more objective left before he could head back to the permanent HQ.

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