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Thrawn's Revenge

Thrawn's Revenge is a total conversion mod.
It adds many factions to the game, 7 that are playable and a few
that are not playable. We also will add on to the 2 playable factions
currently in Empire at war. The timeline spans from around the beggining
of the Phantom Menace until the novel Survivor's Quest. The main focus
being Thrawn during that time. It is currently set to release three major parts.

Part One:

New Playable Faction-
Empire of the Hand

Replace all current skirmish and single player maps
Four new Galactic Conquest maps featuring 12 or more new planets
several new skirmish maps
Adding units and heroes to the Rebellion and Empire
**Confirmed Planets**

Part Two:

New Playable Factions-
Ssi-Ruuvi Imperium
New Republic
Imperial Remnant

New Pirate/Neutral Faction-
Peregrine's Nest

Other Additions-
16 New Planets for Galactic Conquest
New Skirmish Maps
4+ New Galactic Conquest Maps
**Confirmed Planets**

Part Three:

New Playable Factions-
Confederacy of Independant Systems
Galactic Republic

New Pirate/Neutral Faction-

Other Additions-
22 New Planets
New Skirmish Maps
6+ New Galactic Conquest Maps
**Confirmed Planets**

Additional Releases will include:

Campaign (In production after R1 release.)
Bug Fixes (After R1 releases onwards)
Galactic Conquest Maps with possible new planets
Possible new units/Pirate Factions/Neutral Factions

--help wanted--
model riggers
model animators

for more information pm or email me

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