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Originally Posted by Kurgan
Atheists and Christian-bashers have powerful friends, they're not some persecuted minority in Europe or North America that can't have their say.
In the U.S. atheists certainly are not a very "welcome" minority.

George H. W. Bush said that he doesn't think that atheists should be U.S. citizens, because this is a country "under god."

If by atheists having powerful friends you mean the ACLU, because that's really all there is, then it's the ACLU versus... well, 90% of America.

The American people have said that they would rather elect a gay person than an atheist to be President. Isn't it odd how the person who gets elected into office is always the one who claims to be more Christian than the other guy? It's ironic, since so many of the Founding Fathers weren't Christians at all. They even rejected Christianity in some instances.
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