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Originally Posted by Kurgan
The guns in JK/MotS were the same in MP as they were in SP (of course the original DF had no multiplayer, but it was only guns, no melee weapons except fists, apparently MP was planned but nixed at the last minute and never released, it would have been similar to Quake, I guess, except with mostly 2D sprites, an inventory, and the ability to crouch). They were fun to use, and except for a couple of exceptions, you could do reasonably well with any of them, though certain ones were better in certain situations.

In JK2/JA, the guns in SP SUCKED. They were nerfed (some of them fired faster, but they were all weaker and/or less accurate than their MP counterparts), to increase the challenge of the game and (presumably) get you to rely on the saber. So the guns in those games were more "for fun" or in the rare case where you needed to take out a long distance enemy or were without your saber.

In the multiplayer games, the guns were always fun. Some people disliked them, and of course in a saber duel, they didn't really fit, but otherwise they were cool.

The thing about the FPS games that are popular these days, is that they're based on the Rainbow 6 model. You know, the SWAT team, special forces "real world army" type stuff. Lots of instant hit bullet weapons like machineguns, sniper rifles, silenced rifle/pistols, grenades, flash bangs, anti-armor rockets, that sort of thing. Then you get goofy weapons thrown in for fun like "Gravity Guns" and such. For an example of an attempt to make Star Wars weapons seem more like that, without turning them all into just copies of SWAT/Special Forces type weapons, see Republic Commando. Sadly the MP was poorly supported in that game (no patches, no bots, no demo recording, very few mods, just maps basically and a handful of modified skins).

Alternately you get the WWII style thing, but that's pretty much just a variant off the "real world weapons" idea (same with the few WWI, Vietnam or even Wild West/Civil War type FPS games, it's all instant hit pistols, rifles, shotguns and machineguns of some sort), rather than the sci fi weapons. Even the weapons in Star Wars were MODELLED on real world weapons, they certainly didn't behave like them in most cases.

As for the acrobatics and stuff, Yoda jumps around a lot and sprang off some walls in Episode II, but yeah, generally you otherwise don't see that stuff in the movies. No Matrix style wall runs, obviously.
Guns! Why would they put guns in the new jedi knight game?

It suppose to be a Jedi focus game focus on combat, lightsaber skills and use of Force powers.

I won't be unfair and say take out the guns.

I am always looking to more freedom and realism in combat tactical choices.

So if you could pick up a gun in real life they should include it.

Some other options I would like to see is the use of the jedi utility belt. Like the way Obi Wan and Anikan use their hooks to negotiate the elevator shaft on "Grevious ship".

Also I want to have the option to climb ladders and grap climb on thing of oportunity.

It make it more realisted like, when your Force jump power is to low to have the option of Force jumping.

Once again to yall acrobatics haters out there; wall runing and backfliping off the walls can be done for real with proper use of speed and balance.

So if they start taking abilities as basic as that out then the game won't seem realisted and immersive as it should feel.

Also if don't like full acrobatics options then DON'T USE THEM THEN.

Don't ruin it for other players who like that style use of combat tactics by having them (Lucasarts) taking that basic freedom option away to suite your needs.

Again the acrobatics that I been arguing about are't the Matrix style.

STOP! Cease comparing the acrobatics in the jedi theme games to the Matrix, yall are completely misguided on that statement.

With those points made, to possibility solve this argument.

Lucasarts if the combat tactics and acrobatics look realisted and not like Japanese animate then include it in the game.

Lucasarts if you can do it for real if Force is real; with in the basic laws of physics and the mathematics of physical use forces like the Force then include it.

Also merge the combat abilities, options and tactics and add new ones that was in previous games like JKA and Ep III into Star Wars 2007.

Finaly have Nick Gillard, the stunt coordinator; who was reponsible for the combat in the the prequels.

Let him have free will in the combat abilities limit none of his ideas.

For those of you who don't know of Nick Gillard contributions to jedi combat. He oversee the combat that is the most realisted combat ever feature in a game so far, in Ep III the game.
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