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[FIN] my poem...

this is one of my poems i usually write...When death talks with us... A Throne Within

please feel free to leave comments here. Thanks.

A Throne Within

And here you are, the king of kings
Sitting on thy golden throne
Men to fall, victory to bring
Glory of tomorrow is gone
And at the night you look to sky, remember all the fights you'd won
And think that you'll never die, because you are the king who rise upon
There is no one in the world you care; thy power shall be never fair
Thy soldiers shall forever bleed, an ego that is need to be feed
As they tear, kill and maim, all is done in your name

And here you are, the king of kings
Thinking if thy thoughts were true
Walking in the Valley of the Kings
In Egypt, where the kings were doomed
Looking to the king of stone, remember all the fights he'd won
Named him self a god on earth, worshiped by the men rebirth
And like the autumn leafs he falls, with nothing in his hands at all
Like pharaoh drawn to the sea, like the love that ends in me
As you fear, a lot of pain, cheating death was in vain

Tell me now, King of Kings
what would you do if i was the thing
that you fear and hear it alone
while you are caged within your throne

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