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Someone's Worse Nightmare
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A loud, near deafening alarm sounded through out the whole warehouse, the guards and scientists began to leave the building. The scientists in the main Chemical lab began to look around the room unaware an Agent of the secret Anti Terrorist group was watching them. He continued looking through the small window in the door waiting for them to stop what the scientists were doing and leave.

“Are you sure they’ll go?” Jammer asked.

“Would you hang around a Chemical lab that’s on fire?” Peter quietly replied, as the scientists stopped what they were doing and leave through the door at the far end of the room.

Xi smiled and waited until they all had left before quietly opening the door and walking over to one of the experiment tables. He quickly found a vile with a stopper filled with the chemical, He unzipped his coat and placed the vile in a pocket. Xi looked around the room and walked over to a door next to the store room’s, it was the office for the lead scientist. Walking into the office Xi instantly found his primary objective a small P.D.A on the scientist’s desk, he grabbed it and put it in another inside pocket in his jacket.

“Now blow this thing and go home.” Jammer said.

“Been watching Star Wars again?” Xi asked with a grin across his face. ((OCC: Well it is a star wars forum, it needs to get mentioned somewhere ))


Agent Xi chuckled and went out of the room and back to the lab. The second part of the original mission objectives was to ‘neutralise’ the labs, Xi knew this was just a polite way of saying blow the place hell. It didn’t take him long to find the way to demolish the base, he only carried a single explosive do to the stealth need in the mission. So he had to find something to aid him in the task, noticing several large barrels with highly inflammable written on the side in French Xi walked over and attached the charge. Quickly typing in the activation code on to the keys of the explosive the charge began to count down from five minuets.

Now all Xi had to do was escape, considering the fire alarm sounded and everyone should have left the room he went to leave the lab through the door. Peter went out of the door and looked left and right, he ran down the corridor towards a window. The window led out of the warehouse and from there all he had to do was get to the nearest airport and take the next flight to North America. He opened the window and crouched through it.

“L'arręt, Qui vous est ?” A Guard shouted to his right.

Xi looked at the Guard who was running towards him with two others, Xi took out his pistol and fired at the lead man. The shot hit him but the other two guards took up their weapons and began to fire on him. Xi ran in the opposite direction swerving between all the warehouse he could in an attempt to lose them. He ran for around five minuets managing to avoid the guards who had chased him, unfortunately they contacted others and now he had the whole security force after him. He ran until he found himself on the coast and no where to go other than back towards the oncoming armed guards.

Xi looked around and ran down the coast until he was lucky enough to see a sign with the words ‘Jet ski Hire’ in various European languages. He ran over to the rack of Jet ski and found one with the keys left in, Pushing it out into the sea he got on it just in time for the guards to catch up and begin to open fire on him. He shot out in too the sea and escaped the guards.
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