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Originally Posted by windu6
Finaly have Nick Gillard, the stunt coordinator; who was reponsible for the combat in the the prequels.

Let him have free will in the combat abilities limit none of his ideas.

For those of you who don't know of Nick Gillard contributions to jedi combat. He oversee the combat that is the most realisted combat ever feature in a game so far, in Ep III the game.
Oh please god no! Why don't thy just go the whole way and get Yuen Wo Ping.. he's obviously who they wnated for the prequels anyway.

You can make saber fighting look cinematic.. but the more cinematic it looks the less it will be YOU in control. One thing I would like from the swordfighting, and which might or might not work, would be if the models reflected the moves the person was about to make.

eg: To make a downward slash on someone you (for example) aim the crosshair high on their body. Your character holds his saber high, ready to make a downward slash. Move your cross hair to the left of their body and your character switches to holding his saber out to the left, ready to swing right. At least that way they might feel like real fights with real, flowing, stances.. rather than just click fests.

(maybe they could go with something like the Dark Messiah system where you can block the other player by countering his moves... which would work well with what i described above)
As for guns.. the thing about games like BF2 is that the guns FEEL and LOOK more solid. I don't see why they can't take that feel accross to a jedi game, even if they do fire lasers instead of bullets.

Having realistic, well animated weapon models, realistic weapon switch animations, reloading and sight ajusting animations, the ability to look through the barrel for more accuracy, not being able to be as accurate when running and jumping.. all these things help to make the weapons seem more "real". And all these things should be able to transfer across to SW weapons as well as any other.

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