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With the planning over, the squad moved towards the door. The building had been declared 'safe' a while ago, but that didn't mean that something didn't get compromised in the meantime. With a fiber optic cable pushed under the door, the point man checked to see if anybody was waiting for them outside. Motioning the all clear signal, the point man opened the door and immidiately moved to cover the opposite side of the door while another man moved behind him to cover his back.

They both gave another all clear, and the squad moved towards the target building. When they reached the corner of the building, the squad split up with one team going towards the door that the man had entered a while ago and Kappa and the rest of the team heading down the side of the building. In his communicator, Kappa heard a quick beep and one long beep to indicate that the first team was ready to perform their door breach.

With Kappa's team also in place, one of the team members shoved an incendiary lockpick into the door lock. With a couple of bright sparks, the door was ready to be opened. Pushing a fiber optic cable under the door way, the point man signaled that the hallway just inside was covered by two guards with pistols. With a single long beep on his communicator, Kappa gave the order to begin the assault.

The door was quickly opened, and before the two guards could even turn around, they were dead with shots put through their heads. The team quickly moved down the hallway and as they checked each individual room along it. Finally, they reached the end of the hallway. Through the door, a gunfire could be heard a bit distant from the main assault force. Now for the flanking attack.

The point man quickly pushed open the doorway as the squad fanned out. The room was a makeshift warehouse full of weapons crates, and targets were just now appearing through another door off to the right. Looking through the scope, Kappa began to pick off targets as they headed through the door. With the OICW set in semi-auto mode, Kappa was using relatively little ammunition.

Then, a grenade popped through the doorway, and Kappa's squad dove for cover. With a huge bang that Kappa was ready for, he instantly popped back up to cover the door. Almost instantly, two enemies came through the doorway with AKS-74's at the ready. The first one had just enough time to see Kappa with his rifle pointed right at him. With one quick shot, the back of the man's head exploded in shower of brain matter, blood, and pieces of his skull. The other man was still trying to cover the rest of the room, and he never even saw Kappa before his head also exploded.

The rest of Kappa's squad moved back into position, except for one man. He was wounded from the grenade's shrapnel, and one of the team mates stood by him to cover him in case things went from bad to worse.

Heading towards the doorway, the call of "Clear!" rang out in the hallway ahead of them. With two long beeps in the communicator, Kappa asked if the other team's area was all clear. With a single affirmative beep, Kappa then said over the communicator, "Hold your fire, men. We're all clear."

Almost instantly, men in police uniforms began to enter the building. The whole operation had been nothing more than a sting operation for arms smugglers. Shaking hands with the other members of the squad, Kappa was fairly pleased with the result. Inside the makeshift warehouse, the weapon crates were marked as being standard military equipment. However, Dominik noticed that one of the crates had been blown open by the grenade, and parts for AK-74's were plainly visible.

"Well, I guess that rifle isn't all too bad," the Sotnik said as he stopped to shake Kappa's hand. "Good work, Sotnik. It was good to be working with you again after all these years," Dominik replied as he shook the man's hand.

"I always told you that you were one of the best. Now come on, our work here is done, my old comrade," the Sotnik stated as the squad exited the building through the back to avoid the press. It was the policy for the Spetsnaz to avoid any contact with the press, especially the Spetsnaz operating out of the GRU.

"Well, this should definately improve our standing with the Russian Mafia. At least our relationship with the GRU is still in good shape, though. Good work, Kappa. I'll see you back on the island. Over and out," Amanda stated through the communicator.

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